I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
(though no longer in business, her site remains as a memorial...)

Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals
Alora Hofferber
2300 Bruno Lane
Bosque Farms, NM 87068
call 1(505)869-9407 or . .
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I am currently NOT planning any "Away" Workshops. Inquires welcomed.

Wildlife Tile Painting One Day Away Workshops

Alora will come to You for a one day Workshop on:

                                                   1A. Basic:
Instruction on the use of low fire over-glaze on glazed manufactured wall tiles. Preparing your work area, mixing paint and paint application.


                                                   1B. Technique:
Some of the techniques that Alora's uses when painting animals will be discussed and then applied.


                                                   1C. Design:
Useful for the beginner or advanced over-glaze artist, this workshop focuses on designing a mural to fit your back splash area. Things that are covered in this workshop are measuring for tile, picking tile, the various types of murals, design graphs and blocking in the design.
No painting is included in this workshop.

Workshop availability depends on my painting schedule, so please contact me well in advance of your desired dates.

Pricing for One Day Away Workshops:
The additional $25 per person is to cover cost of a Starter Kit. This does not apply to
students that wish only to monitor,
but is required by anyone who will be painting.

private workshop
(one person)

groups up to 9

groups between 10 and 15 groups between 16 and 25 groups between 26 and 50


plus $25 per person

plus $25 per person

plus $25 per person

plus $25 per person

*The larger the group the less personal attention I can give. The program would be changed slightly to allow work to start sooner.

or a 2 hour Lecture on:

                                                   1D. Basics: Comparing various methods of tile painting,
                                                                       focusing on the use of low fire over-glazes.


                                                   1E. Technique: Exploring various paint application and
                                                                       manipulation methods used in painting wildlife.


                                                   1F. Selling your work: Exploring the various ways to sell
                                                                       tiles focusing on developing an Internet site.

Pricing for Two Hour Away Lectures is $200 plus travel expenses.

Expenses for travel is a complex subject. I will make an effort to combine other business with a workshop to cut back on this expense for the student.
However, if I make a long trip to your area, your group will be asked to help with travel and lodging.

I get quite a few inquiries from individuals who cannot afford a private lesson so would ask that your group be open to allowing outside individuals to join in your workshop (space permitting).
I would post the dates that I will be in your area and redirect any individual inquiries to your activity organizer.

Click on the Workshop option below for detailed info:

         1. One day Away   
         2. One day Studio  
         3. Three day Away
          4. Three day Studio
          5. Six day Studio    

Other workshops available
                       6. Advanced Mural Painting
             7. Selling Your Work
8. Custom     

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