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ALBATROSS Set "bare bones" against a black curtain, wings and floor.
Unfortunately this stage floor is painted with a high gloss black paint.
A natural wood stage or flat black would be a better choice.

At the opening of show
the ship is in pieces representing the buildings on the Port Cull wharf.
Scene 1 and 2
The Church USR,        Tailor's shop UCS and        the Pub USL.

During BONNY SHIP AURORA, the sailors put the 45' ship together "heading South"
on a slight angle to increase "play" space and to give a more interesting view of the bow.
Scene 3

Scene 4
The cabin is turned into the Fo'c'stle (Forecastle) scenes. "Down below where the crew sleeps."
Also used in Act II Scene 2

During Intermission The Aurora is turned around, "heading North" for
Act II
Scenes 1 and 3

At the end of scene 3...during the song OUR GALLANT SHIP... the
ship sinks and is transformed back into the wharf scene (A).

Fast smooth scene changes are important so "choreograph" them and
use good quality casters on the three main units (bow, stern and helm). The extra expense will be worth it.
A large barrel and crate add a lot to the set and should also be on casters. The capstan and pump can easily be designed to be carried on.
In this production the ropes and rigging were "flown" and added a dramatic final touch
to the set but could be done without if you don't have fly space.
Paint everything the same and keep the tones dull so the focus stays on the players.
If you keep most of the costuming in dull tones it will add to the "period" mood. The songs and acting should bring the scenes to life rather than the use of bright colors.

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