I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
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HRT ..The Hofferber Repertory Theatre presents,

Book and Lyrics by Alda Hofferber


It is Present Day. Afternoon and evening on the Island of Lost Soles. A full moon will rise when the sun sets.

There are three basic playing areas:

1) The village pizza parlor, the Leaning Tower, takes up most of the stage area from UR to ULC; the main entrance to it is UL and there is an exit UR that leads into the kitchen and one DR that goes to the Forest. There are several tables: UL, URC and UR.
2) The Gypsy Camp, SL to DL, is on a raised platform that is somewhat higher than the rest of the areas because it is on a cliff that looks down on the pizza parlor and the forest.
3) The Forest occupies the stage from DR to DL and CS to the apron, and has tree trunk DL.

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