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HRT ..The Hofferber Repertory Theatre presents,


Book and Lyrics by Alda Hofferber


                        A gypsy witch, "OLGA from der Volga," sweeps down upon the unsuspecting fishing village of Creepy Cove located on the tiny west coast Island of Lost Soles. It is here that she seeks revenge for having been burnt at the stake 300 years previously by the ancestors of the people who are at the local pizza parlor, The Leaning Tower.
                        ANTON is the gypsy witch's reluctant hunchback henchman who does OLGA's bidding because she raised him from the dead and he hopes for a little bodywork magic from OLGA that will repair his hunch. He falls for ELISE, the restaurant's waitress who finds herself attracted to this gypsy man whom she thinks is "tall, dark and strange."
                        WALT, a quota plagued fisherman, and BOBBY, a frustrated realtor fed up with Looky-Loos, see the answer to their financial problems in "Olga's Golda;" while the local Jack-of-all-trades, SAM just wants to be able to read a book in peace and quiet, but manages to get involved in everybody else's problems.
                        To compound OLGA's problems, PAPA FERMATA the owner of the Leaning Tower finds that "that nice'a gypsy lady" is very attractive, and he, in turn, makes her feel that, perhaps, she might change her mind about revenge and soul stealing. Perhaps.
                        Though spooky at times, this show with its funny scenes and laugh provoking songs will have people of all ages rolling in the aisles while the ending will make the audience feel good about themselves and everyone else. The moral is not only, "Love conquers all," after all, nearly every happily-ever-after says that, but that the perceptions we have of ourselves often determine our views of others and how we present our self image to them. Change those perceptions, and who knows what might happen.

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