I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
(though no longer in business, her site remains as a memorial...)

What people have been saying about
Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals

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The bear is absolutely beautiful!!! You have done such a beautiful job. Her face is so strong and yet so gentle at the same time... We received the mural yesterday, Monday. It is beautiful!!! I can't stop looking at it... Thank you so much. We couldn't be more happy.Linda in Georgia.

Am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the first tutorial...
Thank you.
Lee-har "(one very satisfied customer)"

The tiles are just exceptional, and one of the most special parts of our home..... If you ever need a recommendation, do not hesitate to let me know! Nancy in New York.

We rec'd the package today. All is well, and I must say that you have done a tremendous job on them. We are absolutely delighted to display this beautiful work in our home. Joseph in West Virginia.

Here they are!!! Installed and looking beautiful... Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job on them. I will recommend you highly to anyone who asks me about them. Diane in New Hampshire

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my kitchen backsplash mural. It just makes the kitchen look so great. The detail in your work is amazing. Thank you again. Lisa

Excellent work! The heron and ducks arrived today in good order. They really look great--You did an outstanding job! Thanks, Sherrill from Maryland

They came! They're great! I can hardly wait to get them up!! We had a baby seal show up on some rocks by our dock earlier in the year that looks very much like this little fellow. Linda on a small Canadian island

It arrived about an hour ago in perfect condition and it's wonderful! Now I can't wait to see it installed in my new kitchen. I will be happy to send you photos after the installation - and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. Sandy on Bainbridge Island, Washington

Alora, the tiles arrived on our 30th wedding anniversary and we are really pleased with them. The eye on Angel the Jenday is just incredibly good. He looks life like. Linda

A very professionally-done website, one of the most thorough and welcoming I've seen. You've anticipated a client's every need before they occur to the client. Your work is very high caliber. Your work is beautifully done, and is definitely worthy of viewing on a daily basis for many years. Marianne in Colorado

The tiles arrived and they are beautiful!!!! Thank you for finishing them when I needed them. They will be perfect in my new lakeside kitchen. Your work is lovely and we will enjoy the tiles. Thank you. Suzanne

We love our heron tiles-they'll look beautiful in our new home. Jim and Vicki, California

Yesterday I received my new tiles in the mail. I opened the box immediately and the tiles are just stunning.These are fun and beautiful. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Julia

(My client) received the tiles and is delighted with them. Thank you very much for all your help with this project. Carrie NJ

It arrived about an hour ago in perfect condition and it's wonderful!
Now I can't wait to see it installed in my new kitchen. I will be happy to send you photos after the installation - and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name.
Sandy from Washington.

"What No Nuts" has great appeal to me and I want to compliment you...your website is one of the finest I have seen! from L. F

It took 3 people to lift my chin up off the floor. The tiger mural is spectacular! Maryann
Fabulous stuff! Loved looking at it! Robin from South Dakota

Alora, I am so glad to have found your page and learned of your talents: both in art and marketing. The fact that other artists can succeed over the net is encouraging for people like myself, those searching the widening horizon for a niche of belonging. I hope that whatever may come your way, you will continue to bring happiness to the daily lives of others. In appreciation, E Rachel from Illinois

me gusta tu trabajo.si pintas animales,quieres a los animales.si quieres a los animales eres
buena persona.
Pepe from Spain

I just love the horses - never tire of looking at them - and the other critters also. Everyone who sees them is very impressed. My mom runs an art gallery in Denver - she thought they were outstanding. A few people have commented that the creatures have an almost human quality to them. from Kim

First I have to say that I love your work! I am re-tiling a shower and I wanted to find something special to do with it. I think I found it in your tiles. I am a wildlife rehabber and I raise orphaned or misplaced baby mammals. I deal mostly with squirrels and I have really grown to love them. Your squirrel is wonderful and I think this is what I would like although the fawn is wonderful too. If I ordered the squirrel could I have you make some others to go with it? Sandy from California

I am in awe . . . I have never seen such beautiful tiles!! We are building a home and I have to find a way to incorporate some of your wildlife tiles I love so many of them . . especially the squirrels, chipmunks, native birds (cardinals, etc) Linda and Kenny from Ohio

Alora your artwork is as beautiful as it always was.
Whenever I look at my Blue Jay I think of you :)
Debbie from Eugene

I received the tiles today and they took my breath away! They even made me cry because the squirrel looks so much like Ginger. What can I say but thank you,I am so pleased with it. You do such beautiful work. Thank you again, Sandy from California

The red-tailed arrived today and he looks terrific! It's really going to be fun planning the rest of the tile to go with him. Thanks so much for your beautiful work. Mike and Margie from New Mexico

I recently talked to you about Italian tiles I was having trouble with. You gave me great advise on firing. Love your web page, love your work!!! Judith from Texas

Your beautiful art work! I received your tiles yesterday, in good condition, and they really came out wonderful. You captured the essence of "my" palm tree exactly. You have a fine eye and a sense for what your client wants, and I want to thank you very much for the work that you have done for me. Bob from Frisco

I just got to your very nice site and like your work. Paul from upstate New York native Mississippi

My husband must have heard of your web site from one of our tile suppliers. Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!! Alicia from Oregon

Your work is beautiful and I hope you are successful.
I think the Web is a great place to advertise.
Jennifer from Washington

Hi! I find your work fantastic. I live in Athens-Greece, is there any dealer selling your work here? If not, please advise if you can send tiles here in Greece and the cost. My selection is the zebra (marvelous). Thank you and congratulations for your work! From Greece

We have been looking for tiles with ducks. Hooray, you have them and they look beautiful. Thanks for putting nature in your tiles! from Jill

Thank you so much for the beautiful (Koi) tiles! They arrived in perfect shape and are gorgeous. from Deko

They arrived today. They are beautiful! Again, Thank you. Kim from Pennsylvania

I am a watercolorist, wanting to learn how to paint tiles for a new ski home in NH. Your work is wonderful & I appreciate the information you shared regarding products. Charlotte from New England

While looking at your site, I fell in love with your picnic backsplash and otters swimming. David from School District #40

Hi --saw your wonderful tiles on the net I love your groundhog! I see them every day on the banks of the York River peeking through yorktown onions (giant allium) and hope you
can do one for me that is horizontal.
from Page

We're so happy you are able to do another bird for us. Mike And Margie from Alaska

If you are still interested in selling me the bobcat tile, I would greatly appreciate it, and would still be interested. I think it is one of the nicest items that I've seen in a long time. Julie from Belgium

[The tiger we ordered] is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks again. Debbie and David

A friend of mine saw the (exotic bird) tiles and thought they were great! From Ray

Love your tiles. I would like to incorporate them in our kitchen baths and bars etc. from Jerry

I'm so glad I found your site. from Donna

I love your 4 tile picture of the giraffes--can you tell me how much? It would go great with my bedroom decor and some others would fit right in with my living room. from Dick

We have seen your website and are very impressed with your work. from Jean and Don

I've looked at your web page and think your work is wonderful! from Lou and Jeanne

I was browsing and came across this fabulous site, my daughter has horses and would ove to have some tiles painted of her horse. These horse tiles are absolutely beautiful! from Ruth

I found your great web page on tiles... can you do mermaids??? from cindy

I love the pictures on your homepage. MKay from Texas

I am interested in more information about the white heron tiles that I viewed on your "new mural" site. I am looking for a fireplace surround. Do you work with a standard field ile that I could match closer to where I am building - Florida. Our new house faces a wild life rea with alot of herons, woodstork, sandhill cranes Your work is beautiful. Thanks. Look forward to your response. Sue from Florida

I enjoyed your artwork and your tutorial. From Ralphie

I recently came across your website and am very interested in purchasing some of your tiles. Thank you so much for your website. Looking through your tiles was a pleasure and it's so very nice to know that I have a choice now--I no longer have only to settle for those dreadful clusters of grapes! from Pam

Just wanted to let you know your information is wonderful!! My husband and I will be building our own straw-bale home soon and we would like some beautiful very bright tiles in our home. from A I

WOW! Thanks for the wonderful instructions. I have been dying to try this. Tomorrow I am going to get my tiles. Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions and sharing it on the web. from Sue

I am a china painter . I enjoyed your web site very much. Thank You. Virginia from Oklahoma

...we absolutely love your work! We have not been able to find anything like this in our area and it's just what we've been looking for. We like the bear cub on the tree branch that is in your catalog, but we would also like to have a white tail deer. from Curt and Marcy

Its such a pleasure for me to take time from a busy day to tell you how much I have enjoyed your great web site. Judy and John from Alabama

Your work is outstanding. Thank You for sharing with us. Candyce from Alaska

Your tiles are beautiful!!!!
I hope to be able to paint on tiles one day too.. and when I saw the tiles you did of the buffalo, I flipped out.
Thanks for the absolutely gorgeous web pages of your work, and good luck to you.
Patty from Alabama

We are building a new house down here & I have just discovered your fabulous art work. I would like to order a tiger. Your work is really wonderful.. I look forward to adding it to our home and will eagerly await your treasure. Many thanks. Cathy from South Carolina

I love birds, cooking and wildlife of New England. The tiles on your web site are great and I'd love to see more of your work. Barbara from Vermont

I'm thrilled with my kitty!!! It is so darling and will preserve her sweet little face forever. Beverly in New Hampshire

Awesome! I just can't tell you enough how much I admire your work. I just looked at your collection of animals for the note cards. They look like they can jump right off the screen. Did you take lessons or do you have a degree in art? I am self-taught, but I know good work when I see it. I love your picnic backsplash! What an incredible thing to have in your kitchen and see it everyday. Brenda from Virginia

I've looked at your web page and think your work is wonderful! from Jeanne

The tiles look great! Colin from New Mexico

I love your hand painted tile. These tiles are truly unique and beautiful, and I can't believe any bird lover would pass them up. Judy from Idaho

Just a note to let you know that the butterflies arrived today and that they are lovely. from Joyce

They got the mural up. Looks great. Linda from Florida

The magpie arrived safely yesterday and he looks wonderful. He is the only color on the bathroom walls so he should really stand out. Mike and Margie from Alaska

Your tiles are lovely. I am particularly interested in the two giraffes. Are they for sale? Margie from Alaska

We saw our kitchen backsplash on your web site this morning -- the woodpeckers look terrific! It's like looking into our New Mexico yard --you've really captured them in action. I can't wait to see them in "person". Thanks for your great work and I hope we stay in touch. Margie from New Mexico

I love your work! We would like to do the back splash behind out stove with a tile mural. We like the Quail, Chickens, Etc. from Marissa

The tiles were installed yesterday. Peter, Kristin, and I want you to know how much we love them! Peter is especially thrilled - he got into this for me, I think, but he is enthralled with the results. Margaret from New York

I received the mural on 4/14/98. It is exactly what we wanted.
Again Thank you for a job well done.
From Doctor Randy

The tiles arrived this afternoon and they look great. Ray from California

The fundraiser went great and your squirrel mural was a hit! Thank you so much again for your donation. I was up at Pat's house and saw the mural you did for her. It is beautiful! Sandy from California

It's up and looks great. There was a two day delay in installation because of rain and cold. But the wait was worth it. After the first of the year, I'll be in touch about the other two murals. Sherwin from Arizona

The tiles look great. I can't wait to see the Orca. My daughter is home, and she wishes we had you do a tile of her favorite cat. Your work is great. I am thrilled! The mural will be installed as soon as countertops are set and will be a lovely accent ( or feature) in the kitchen. Thanks so much. It has been fun. Sylvia from Oregon

Everybody thinks they are wonderful! Theresa from Washington

I just wanted to tell you that I received the Bobcat tile mural last week: I love it! I like your work a lot and look forward to future correspondence. Julie from Michigan

I live in Florence Oregon and have been searching for some accent ceramic tile to use in my kitchen.
I love the Blue Heron mural.
Pat from Oregon

I found your work on the net and I love it! from E Mullins

I think your tiles are the most beautiful thing I have seen for homes in years! I am very interested in your tile bear cub and your tile seal pup, I just love your designs!!! I live on a small Gulf Island in BC and they are most appropriate for our area!! Rod & Linda from Canada

Thank you for your wonderful work and for allowing me to use them for my home. Lidy from Canada

Your work is great. From Diana

Excellent web pages, breath taking art works.......glad to know we have a such talented artist in this area.. keep on the good works.. :) j. h. from Oregon

My wife and I are looking for a special kitchen backsplash and butler's pantry backsplash to finish our kitchen project. We are not sure what exactly we want, but your stuff is fantastic. from Stephen

I received the tile in perfect condition! Thanks also for the cards. I believe we'll auction this off at the summer butterfly garden our in Newport News.
Thanks again for your donation! It's great!
Jeanne from Butterfly Society of Virginia

He (Mica the snow leopard) is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks again. Debbie and David from Texas

Brilliant work! Its been wonderful browsing through your site. from Hema

Just a note to tell you that your work is not less than fabulous and to that I would like to add that you are most generous by providing a "how to" paint on tiles. from Gloria

Love your tiles. I would like to incorporate them in our kitchen baths and bars etc. from Jerry

Excellent web site and your work as presented is excellent. Thanks,James from West Virginia

You create beautiful tile murals. I am interested in learning how to paint tiles. I purchased some plain white matte finish tiles hoping that I would experiment with them. Do I need the gloss finish? I have my own kiln. Did you ever try using enamel powders/gelatin method? I have only worked with porcelain and china paints so this is a new adventure. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to create some tiles for my kitchen.
Donna from Michigan

Forgive me, if this mail will cause you any inconvenient, you have a nice page, and your works are very impressive. Well done! CheongThye-Ming's from China (Thanks. Once again sorry for the stumble.)

We absolutely love your work! We have not been able to find anything like this in our area and it's just what we've been looking for. from Curt and Marcy

Good job, good price, Francois from France (& North Carolina)

These are beautiful pieces. I will be adding some to my home real soon. Thank you for the interesting and enjoyable tour. Cathy from Michigan

Beautiful work!!!! Thank you. Debbie from San Francisco

This was so kind of you to share this painting lesson with the world of aspiring tile artist. I have found that the internet is so full of people who don't mind sharing. Wow, this might just renew my faith in mankind! Once again, Thanks! from Angela

Hi! Just looked at your zebras! Their eyes are soooooo!!! beautiful. Great work!!!! Thanks for sharing... from Sue

Some very nice art work! Simon from Nova Scotia

The beautiful butterfly tile arrived late yesterday and needless to say, with such meticulous packing is in perfect condition. I am planning to put a simple wood frame around it to hang and will enjoy it so much particularly when butterfly season is over. Thank you very much for doing this. Margaret from Virginia

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