I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
(though no longer in business, her site remains as a memorial...)

at the Performing Arts Center   
at Southwestern Oregon Community College

ALBATROSS is a musical drama written by Alda Hofferber
based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER.

in order of appearance

Alda Hofferber (SHANTYMAN/Writer-Producer-Director) has penned short playlets, radio plays, and musicals (YULE YAHOO! and WITCH WHIRL'D). Some of his favorite acting roles include KOKO from McKADO! & Yule Yahoo!, Marry'n Sam from LIL ABNER, Papa Fermata from WITCH WHIRL'D, Cyborg General from SPACE PIRATES, Harry Berlin from WHAT ABOUT LUV? and Sakini from TEAHOUSE OF AUGUST MOON. His latest book is TRICK OR SCHKLEESH!
Hilary Clayton (ERICA-POLLY-MISTYSHE) has done many plays in the Bay Area. Best known for having been Miss Yum in HRT's McKADO!, she is a Coos Bay native and a full time art student at Southwestern who has sold several sculptures locally.
Alora Hofferber (POLLY/LIFE-IN-DEATH/Co-director & Choreographer) Some of her favorite roles include: Olga, from der Volga, from WITCH WHIRL'D, Katey Shaw from McKADO! & YULE YAHOO!, Ruth from SPACE PIRATES, and Laura from GOBLIN MARKET. She is a ceramic tile muralist specializing in wildlife, who paints and sells backsplashes for kitchen, bathroom or fireplace and framed paintings to homes and businesses all over the US & world. Her internet site is: http://www.aloratile. com
Jim Finder (RALPH, curtain) A plumber by trade, Jim has been involved in the theatre in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and is a karaoke enthusiast.
Dick Besser (IRA/HERMIT) A former professional musician and radio personality in the Bay Area, Dick's past theatre experience includes a University of Minnesota's production of THE TRIAL OF BILLY MITCHELL. He has been local since 1979 and a salesperson at Courtesy Pontiac Buick GMC and is a member of the Optimist Club.
Harvey Atkison (JACK) is the manager of Coos Bay Umpqua Dairy Products , a small craft airplane pilot, camper and water skier. His high school competitive swimming has inspired his son to emulate him. He is an Optimist and an inveterate home repair do-it-your-selfer .
Nolan Hofferber (ERIC) has been in film and the professional stage. He has played: a goblin in GOBLIN MARKET, a hunchback in WITCH WHIRL'D, a leprechaun in FINIAN'S RAINBOW, a pirate king in SPACE PIRATES, a bounty hunter in McKADO! a ghost chaser, a giant, a prince, Peter Pan, Pinocchio... He is a full time art student at Southwestern OR CC who has sold sculptures locally.
Darleen Atkison (FRAN, DEATH) Darleen works at the dental office of Doctor Holt and does the accounts. She teaches CCD at St. Monica's Catholic church and plays Bunco once a month. When she has time, she loves to go camping & boating with her family.
Dru Atkison (KIP) Dru is a competition swimmer and a 7th grader at Millicoma School where he has participated in plays. He earned his junior black belt in karate 3 years ago and is a water/ snow skier who can often be seen dazzling onlookers at North Bend's Skate Wave.
Ross A Turkle (CAPTAIN): Now living in Coos Bay, Ross was born and raised on a Kansas farm. Has visited all 50 states, 4 continents and the Caribbean islands. He sings with a Senior's group called the Belles and Beaus that performs at nursing and retirement homes. In his spare time Ross restores the hand caning on antique furniture.
Howard Swick (BENJY) A resident of North Bend, Howard has been in a number of local productions: THE DEADLY GAME, THE DRUNKARD, GOD'S FAVORITE and the title role in THE PIGMAN. He is active in church activities, plays "Santa" at several grade schools and is currently a vice president of the Bay Area Optimist Club.
Brian Shoemaker ( DONNY) is Known as the Navy's "Iceman" and has spent time cruising in both the Arctic and Antarctic seas. He is a retired Navy and Merchant Marine sailor who has rounded Cape Horn 42 times during his career. He is a member of the Optimists.
Jennifer Gifford (MISTYHE, HAZEL) Medford is her home town, but Jennifer is attending Southwestern Oregon Community College majoring in Recreation Management. ALBATROSS is the first theater production she has been in since grade school. She is a native of southern Oregon.


Karen Craig (WINIFRED) is the Activities Director at Ocean Crest Retirement Home. This is her first experience in the theatre and she has a good sense of humor.
Betty Finder (ZOE) Betty is a stay-at-home Mom with 2 children. In the past she as been a Med-Aid, a Caregiver and a Supervisor. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and any outdoor sports.
Danniel Finder (MIRIAM) is a 7 year old first grader at Charleston Elementary who enjoys gymnastics, t-ball, swimming, fishing and going to the park.
Contact Alda for more information. e-mail!
call: 541-888-8816 or write Alda Hofferber, 63351 Shore Edge Drive, Coos Bay, OR 97420

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