I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
(though no longer in business, her site remains as a memorial...)

Handpainted Tile Murals
"Specializing in wildlife, all of my hand painted ceramic tile murals are original works of art."

Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals
2300 Bruno Lane, Bosque Farms, NM 87068
call 1(505)869-9407 (after 10am Mountain Time)
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You can have lovely artwork in your kitchen, bedroom, bath or any room of your home with hand painted ceramic tiles.

Currently In Progress

                                   1. Monkey picnic mural or backsplash: done on Arctic white matte 6" tiles.monkey

This mural is planned for 3 tiles high by a flexible 5 tiles wide... with several monkeys and fruit in a picnic setting

                                            2. Roadrunner mural: done on Pearl white matte 6" tiles. road runnerroad runnerroad runner

This will be a larger mural arranged in a corner with several roadrunners around and on a fountain.



Murals are added as they are finished. Please check back soon.
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