I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
(though no longer in business, her site remains as a memorial...)

Wanted .... McKado! Cast

in order of appearance
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BARKEEP: A bar keep. Gene Landrum

HANK E.: Neophyte bounty hunter who is the son of Big Hank McKado ("YAHOO!") now in love with Miss Y. Yum, Arroyo Pollo's School Marm. Nolan Hofferber

PEW BOB: Politician extraordinaire who holds many public offices, none of them well. Willie Sadler

MARGARET: The village student. Alicia Johnson

MISS Y. YUM: The local school marm who is engaged to the hanging judge, Kokomo Joe, but in love with the bounty hunter, Hank E. Hilary Clayton

`BECKA: The late baker`s ex-wife; she's only half baked and will fall for any guy with an accent. Tamara Landrum

KOKOMO JOE: hanging judge/undertaker. Alda Hofferber

PONY EXPRESS: Over worked mail handler who has a horse with an attitude. Lisa Campbell

KATEY SHAW: Irish mail order bride. Alora Hofferber

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