I regret to announce Alora died 01/07/09
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HRT ..The Hofferber Repertory Theatre presents,

Split Shift
by Alda Hofferber

This is a six character play that tells of a two very different restaurants (separated only by a shared aquarium that runs from USC to DSC) that share one kitchen, one overworked and very imaginative wait-person, Ricky, and a disgruntled neophyte chef, Jesse.
Into the greasy spoon dump of Ace's Place: Burgers Anonymous comes Bobby and Mickey intent on forgetting a now defunct relationship with Johnny and Lou who will soon enter the elegant French restaurant Virgil's L'Chic Vegee just on the other side of the aquarium wall from them. Each couple, unbeknownst to the other, comments on a recent relationship and tries to order something to eat from a wait-person who must change costume and character dependant on which eatery is being served at the time, and all the while the frazzled cook is trying to figure out how to make Soup du Jour.
Any of the characters may be played by either sex, with just a few necessary changes to pronouns, making for some interesting relationships.
It has a simple "Carry-on Carry-off" set-- make believe aquarium, paper fish & bubbles, couple tables and chairs for each cafe, and a "grill" UC --easy costumes and runs about 20-30 minutes.

ROYALTIES: $5 a script and $15 a performance.

For more information please call (541)888-8816 or e-mail today!

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